Put people first

Put people first

We are e-office. We believe in the power of people. From that conviction we have been enabling peak collaboration within companies since 1991. How do we do this? We start with people. Always. Within an organisation we call these people ‘employees’. Wonderful creatures – vulnerable and inventive at the same time – brimming with qualities. We involve these people in all of the processes. When they are offered the right tools for optimum collaboration, then they shine. This creates energetic teams, In which qualities, experiences and insights easily find each other. This leads to a more effective, more productive and happier organisation. That’s the key to success. That’s why we say: put people first!



Peak collaboration starts with the individual. Its people decide the quality and success of the organisation. And it starts with the power of people. That power has to be fully realized. And yes, this is possible. But only with the support of the right digital tools . It is essential that these employees learn how to use those tools effectively. This is why we involve them in every project. We listen. We mix ideas, needs, and experiences. And from there we get to work. Our goal? We offer employees the right tools to work their magic. That’s what it’s all about. This is why we train and support them extensively – one-on-one or in a group. We will make sure that everyone knows how to work with digital solutions with a minimum amount of fuss that may be an obstacle to doing their work In the best way possible.



What makes us happy? Powerful teams that solve problems. We stimulate this with solutions that empowers the teams to collaborate easily, wherever they may be. Because when all qualities, experiences and insights within the team find each other, they combine together in the right kind of energy. It makes teams faster, more efficient. It stimulates trust. By combining the power of Individuals we create what we need In this increasingly complex world: an intelligent, energetic team that solves problems. Exactly how we like It.



Every fingerprint is unique, and so is every organisation. A distinctive line work of employees and teams that constructively work together. Our goal is to bring that organisation to the next level. How? We support its people by creating an inclusive, connective culture and the right technology. Technology protects us, aids us, and carries our abilities to the next level. At least, that is what it does when it is used correctly. The right working agreements make sure that we are in control. Along the guidelines of a knowledge culture we create measurable choices, which makes for a more enjoyable and safe collaboration. That unleashes the full potential on every level: employee, team and organisation. Now, that’s when the magic happens!

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