HCL Sametime


What is HCL Sametime?

HCL Sametime is the meeting platform for safe and affordable collaboration. With Sametime you can communicate via instant messaging, online meetings, audio and video, in realtime. Whether at the office or on the road, no matter when or where, HCL Sametime has everything for high quality meetings, but without the fuss or unneeded functions. That way, you only pay for what you need.

HCL Sametime runs in its own environment, on premise, to ensure optimal protection against outside dangers. By not using the multicloud, hackers cannot penetrate your network environment unseen. Your company, therefore, is not at risk and you data is maximally protected.

Does HCL Sametime fit your needs?

At e-office, we always focus on people and organizations first, before we utilize tech. Does HCL Sametime solutions fit your needs? We can then seamlessly integrate the Sametime application to the rest of your digital environment. HCL Sametime integrates perfectly with HCL Notes. That way, your employees can access the chat functionality without having to switch between applications. An efficient and easy way to communicate with each other, in one single view.

Put people
first with
HCL Sametime


Your organization is depended on valuable people. They ensure that the company remains viable. With HCL Sametime, you put the people in your organization first. Time is a scarce commodity for your employees. Their health is also crucial. It is important that they, the heart of an organization, have all the necessary tools at their disposal, to ensure a good and enjoyable operating environment.

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More HCL tools


HCL Notes

Notes is de e-mailclient-software die teams toegang geeft tot e-mail-, agenda- en contactbeheerfuncties en naadloos andere samenwerkingstools en zakelijke Domino-toepassingen integreert. Notes transformeert dagelijkse e-mail in een operationeel centrum.

HCL Connections

Connections is een samenwerkingsplatform dat medewerkers verbonden en betrokken houdt. Connections helpt bij het creëren van een persoonlijk, goed ontworpen, digitaal kantoor met op rollen gebaseerde inhoud en tools om teams gefocust te houden op het behalen van zakelijke doelstellingen. 

HCL Domino

HCL Domino is een applicatieontwikkelingsplatform dat veilig, veelzijdig en schaalbaar is. De alles-in-één applicatieserver heeft veiligheid hoog in het vaandel staan, om optimaal te ondersteunen bij bedrijfskritische processen.

About e-office.

We are e-office. We believe in the power of people. From that conviction we have been enabling peak collaboration within companies since 1991. How do we do this? We start with people. Always. Within an organisation we call these people ‘employees’. Wonderful creatures – vulnerable and inventive at the same time – brimming with qualities. We involve these people in all of the processes. When they are offered the right tools for optimum collaboration, then they shine. This creates energetic teams, In which qualities, experiences and insights easily find each other. This leads to a more effective, more productive and happier organisation. That’s the key to success. That’s why we say: put people first!


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