COP – procedures and manuals easily available

“Where can I find the right manual? Where have I read something about leave applications?”. Corporate Operational Procedures (COP) helps employees to find the right policies and procedures quick and easy.

do all employees within your organization know how to act?

A (digital) manual with procedures, agreements and rules of conduct, every organization has one. Typical examples are agreements on the use of social media by employees, procedures regarding declarations, leave requests, study opportunities, mobility allowance or, for example, a clean desk policy. Where do you put this information? And how do you make sure everyone within the organization uses the correct document? As an organization, you want all employees to have the right procedures at their disposal. And you want them to use the last (and correct) version. In reality, these documents are often hard to find.

Corporate Operational Procedures

To facilitate finding all procedures and agreements in a quick and easy way, we have developed COP. COP stands for Corporate Operational Procedures. This solution integrates the collaboration platform IBM/HCL Connections. Corporate Operational Procedures is a tool for employees to quickly find the right agreements, in order to take the correct decisions in a faster way. Keeping corporate agreements up-to-date and informing all employees about this, is often labour-intensive. COP is the environment in which employees can quickly filter on subjects or types of agreement and find the appropriate instructions.

for whom?

COP can be utilized for all departments. Think of departments like HR, Purchasing, Sales, Facilities, ICT, Logistics, Marketing. When the agreements have been defined centrally, employees can take the right decisions based on self-service, and supporting departments will be relieved from the same questions being asked all the time.

finding, following, tagging

As mentioned, COP offers the possibility to describe agreements and guidelines. By filtering on “tags” and by means of searching further with the use of search terms, employees can find the right agreement or guideline. Such an agreement can be marked as a favorite for even easier access. Or you can choose to “follow” the agreement, which will provide you with a notification when something is mentioned about the agreement. Besides, other guidelines with similar tags are presented.
COP not only provides a simple interface to find the agreements, it is also possible to give interactive feedback. With this interactivity, information is enriched and becomes even more valuable for all employees.


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