Publish an IBM Bluemix Liberty App

There is a lot of documentation and code sample online that helps us create applications in IBM Bluemix. Once the development is done, there are some steps that need to be taken before you can go to “production”. I had more difficulties finding documentation and samples on this subject, so I created this YouTube movie to share what we have done.This videos demonstrates how to add security to your Bluemix app , deploy a custom server to IBM Bluemix, add a new route to your own domain and secure it with SSL.

chatbot, hype of hulp?


chatbot, hype of hulp?

Toen eind vorig jaar de ideeën voor een vernieuwde website concreet werden, kwam ook het plan om te gaan experimenteren met een chatbot. Tot 5 jaar terug hadden we livechat op onze website, maar zoals wel vaker waren we daarmee

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