cloud, on premise or hybrid?

You can read it everywhere! The Cloud is the future and I believe in it. Sharing resources and paying only for what you have actually used is a tremendous development. The scalability, availability as well as the simplification of management and management capacities is unprecedented. Software developers have also discovered the cloud, resulting in a lot of innovation in the area of cloud-apps. The latest and greatest are available in the cloud first, and will only become available on premise until later.IBM also announces new releases in the cloud first and sees many customers migrating from on premise to the cloud.

cloud first, on premise later
However, for many companies the one-size-fits-all principle is not yet applicable. Business-critical data and heavy databases which perform better on dedicated bare metal are preferably kept within the walls of their own office.

For this type of customers we see that the formation of a hybrid environment is becoming more common, in which email and the digital workspace with files, meetings and instant messaging are already migrated to the cloud. This choice fits in with the customer’s need to keep control over a part. The hybrid environment forms the bridge towards the cloud. The combination ensures that the best performance mix is supplemented with the advantages of cloud services.

premium business partner
As a premium business partner of IBM, e-office has over 20 years’ experience in IBM technology implementation, configuration, application development and consultancy. With Softlayer, BlueMix, Connections Cloud Social and Verse, IBM offers a wide range of cloud technology.

Being one of the few cloud providers, IBM requires not only technical and commercial certifications, but also a hybrid certification. If you want to migrate customers into the cloud, you have to be an official migration partner.

IBM certified implementer
Meanwhile, colleague Rob Helmers and me have taken an online certification group training, in which we had to set up, configure and migrate a domino environment and Connections Cloud social environment. The new hybrid environment which has emerged represents the customers’ current situation perfectly.

e-office now has two certified “IBM certified implementer – Smart Cloud Notes Hybrid configurations & Onboarding data transfer” consultants and therefore has reached the new status of IBM Migration Partner.

In summary, we can help you on your way to the (hybrid) cloud!

mei 22


IBM User Group event Engage in Rotterdam

Engage is de Benelux-brede User Group van IBM Collaboration solutions en analytics. Op 22 en 23 mei organiseert Engage een groot event in Rotterdam en e-office is erbij! Tijdens het event heb je keuze uit verschillende sessie over onderwerpen als Business

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bij Frank op de Bank #1


bij Frank op de Bank #1

Onze collega Frank van Attekum presenteert: bij Frank op de bank! Iedere aflevering schuift een andere collega aan om over zijn of haar expertise te vertellen.

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