a modern Birthday Web Part using SharePoint Framework

Celebrating a coworker’s birthday helps to build a good relationship and shows that you appreciate him or her. In the new Office 365 profile experience you can view user’s birthdays, but there is no easy way to get a reminder or to see upcoming birthdays.

To achieve this goal, we could use out-of-the-box SharePoint search or write a script and display it with a script editor web part.  However, these approaches are limited, especially when you want to use a rich user interface. The new SharePoint Framework provides full support for client-side technologies, responsive experience and more powerful user interface. Using the Office 365 look and feel modern components we have built an easy to use web part.

With this web part you can see upcoming birthdays and you can easily wish a colleague a happy birthday with an e-mail or Skype message. A nice asset to your modern workspace which will strengthen relationships between colleagues.

Web Part Features:

  • Create your own birthday wishes.
  • Display all users or a group of users.
  • Display mode (Grid/List)
  • Persona style
  • Paging
  • Birthday range (coming days, weeks, month)
  • Date format.
  • Language support for Dutch and English.
  • Animation with balloons with your own music.
  • Send an e-mail.
  • Send a Skype Message.

This short video explains the implementation of the web part:

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Alon Havivi

SharePoint consultant/ developer
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