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We help organizations to be more flexible and smarter through smoothing their operations and communication systems using digital workspaces, consultancies and training. In the digital workspace, intranet and the personal workspace are combined to a digital and mobile environment which supports sharing knowledge and collaboration throughout an organization. You can use it at any time, in any place which means that you can respond more efficiently to customer inquiries. For this a sufficient balance between people, organization and technology is required. Furthermore, e-office is Microsoft Gold Partner and IBM Gold Partner.


Who knows us for a long time understands that our vision is constantly evolving. Our vision is always in line with our search for new ways of working, collaborating and organizing. And always at the cutting edge of technology. As a company or employee, you want the best for your organization and you want to work in an efficient way with the new developments of technology. e-office offers multiple services and new ways of working, organizing and collaborating. We are innovative and practical at the same time. Together with work21 and Blaud who team with us with innovative change and mobile expertise.

Artificial Intelligence

baas | bots as a service is the first platform that allows you to build a Dutch or English speaking chatbot within a few minutes, without the need of IT-knowledge. You can try baas 30 days for free by the use of multiple available templates. For example, we offer a GDPR template that can immediately be deployed on your intranet server.

Deploy your own smart chatbot in a few steps, in a few of minutes
baas stands for ‘bots as a service’ and it’s THE go to platform to get introduced to Artificial Intelligence in an accessible form for every business. All routine-based questions in your organisation can easily be implemented in your own chatbot. Your chatbot is trained through a few simple steps, and with that your new digital colleague has been onboarded. Baas can be used to lighten the burden of routinely answering basic questions in your organisation. By collecting all the recurring questions and their standardized answers, you create a digital colleague that recognizes the future questions and immediately searches for the matching answer.


We have been a Microsoft Gold Partner for over 20 years now. For the development of digital workspaces, we make use of the technology from Microsoft such as, Office 365, Skype for business, SharePoint, Dynamic 365 and Azure. We will discuss some of our solutions and services:

Microsoft SharePoint: is one of the services e-office is offering. Microsoft SharePoint is an online platform for sharing knowledge and collaboration. With SharePoint, you can easily share documents, knowledge and information. SharePoint supports the collaboration between employees for instance, working together on group projects and team sites. Besides, SharePoint offers multiple social applications and therefore you will keep each other up-to-date.

Furthermore, we are highly specialized in the implementation and adoption of Microsoft SharePoint. Our focus is mainly on the adoption of the new IT solution. By involving the users at an early stage, you will increase the chances of success of the new IT solution. Would you like to have more information about Microsoft SharePoint from our specialists? We are eager to help!

Secure Productivity Kit: Nowadays, stricter privacy legislations are established and fast-growing digital threats are popping up. Working safely with private company information is a topic which is getting higher on the management agenda. Building digital blocks around your organization is essential to keep all information inside your organization but these blocks do not stimulate working in a flexible environment. Our specialty is finding the right balance between productivity and safety within your organization.

We combined our knowledge in one service with three different kind of versions of the Secure Productivity Kit. We offer Basic, Premium and the Platinum version. With the Secure Productivity Kit, we reduce the work for IT departments and therefore employees can work safe while being productive with Office 365.

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We have been an IBM Gold Partner from start of our company in 1991. We are specialized in offering services with social business software such as, IBM Connections, SmartCloud, Notes/ Domino, WebSphere Portal and Sametime.

IBM Watson: is known as the self-taught supercomputer. IBM Watson Explorer is a service that explores, analyzes and interprets structured and unstructured data.

IBM Watson understands unstructured data which is around 80% of the data that is being produced for instance with, research reports, tweets, blogs, articles, literature, Instagram and so forth. IBM Watson has the ability to make connections as humans can. Inside your organization, you can ask questions and Watson is able to interpret all available information combined with the question of a person. Afterwards Watson will give you an accurate response. This means that Watson can save a company a lot of time and therefore leads to better decision-making.

What can we do for your organization? e-office helps organizations with the intelligence implementation of Watson. Predictive analysis has become one of the key elements. We discover the value of hidden information and we add external factors to enrich your data.

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e-office offers a broad solutions package focused on

  • digital workspaces: Look at the blog about digital workspaces and the failing intranets and get informed about the advantages it can have for your organization. (see blog: why many intranets fail)
  • smarter collaboration: Take some time to read the blog about Talkteam and why it is important for your organization to use it. (see: TalkTeam – meeting app)
  • improve knowledge sharing: Read some interesting information about what we did for Rijk Zwaan (see: referencecase Rijk Zwaan)
  • document management (see blog: asked questions by new SharePoint users)
  • product development: Read more about what COP could mean for your organization and how it helps employees choosing the right policies and procedures for certain situations. (see: COP- Corporate Operational Procedures)
  • mobile strategy
  • mobile app development (see: BLAUD)
  • support and management

If you have more questions or you want more information don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts.


Ralph Jonkers

business manager Microsoft

Roland Hameeteman

Founder e-office group